Karim Gharavi Bayoudh

Nile – Babil - Iraq

Dania Medical Services offers you the best and finest medical services in all centers of India. It has the best advanced doctors scientifically - on the level of professor - in medicine at all levels. The interpreter will be professor - Shafiq Ahmed Khan - who is completely fluent in Arabic language - and cooperative with every patient - fulfilling all medical demands as the interpreter enjoys high esteem to the respected doctors – and at the level of each State of India – very sophisticated and high-class services. First degree hospitals in medicine and at all sorts of diseases - and really possible tours at home – So professor Shafiq is ready and well-known in cooperating with patients and facilitating their affairs to a large extent and Allah is the facilitator. / So whoever comes to India for treatment, we advise him to choose that good and authorized interpreter – whose address is at the bottom of the paper and the recovery and success is from Allah.

Jaber Nazim Javadi

Kirkuk / Iraq

I am a patient, Jaber Nazim. I was completely sick. Then I came to know about interpreter, Shafiq Ahmad Khan, I came from Iraq Kirkuk. After getting disappointed from Iraqi doctors, I found that these are the best doctors and the care is good. My operation was carried out under the supervision of the above mentioned interpreter and it was successful. Thus I got cured under the supervision of coordinator, Shafiq Ahmad Khan.

Khairiya Yanoon Bayoudh

Nile region / Iraq

I am Khairiya Yanoon Bayoudh. I was sick and I got cured completely through the interpreter Shafiq Ahmad Khan.

Iyad Hassan Abboud

Nile Region, Iraq

I am patient Iyad Hassan Abboud. I was a patient of the knee and I have received full recovery after failing from Iraqi doctors. I received this recovery from the interpreter and coordinator Shafiq Ahmad Khan

Subha Salman


Technically: Very good. Technology is excellent. Accuracy in work and sincerity in appointments Professionally: Good treatment - Patience – Honesty With regard to physiotherapy: Excellent and the result is excellent.