Hip Surgery

Joint replacement is the last resort when other means of treatment fail to relieve the patients from severe joint pain. Hip surgery is one of the most common surgeries for joint replacement or total hip replacement. Such a requirement is necessitated by the history of cute arthritis among patients.

Hip replacement surgery is a procedure for replacing the hip joint that contains a ball and socket joint. Such a surgery is undertaken in case of the ball and socket has nearly lost the cartilage. By this surgical procedure, a surgeon can resurface the bones of the joints and plants an artificial ball and socket into the healthy bone.

Procedure & Recovery

A specialised surgeon performs this surgery with the help of cuttind-edge technology for ensuring surgical precision. The procedure lasts for a few hours. The recovery will depend on individual person. Regular exercise, as advised by the surgeon or a physiotherapist, will aid the process of recovery. Patients may feel pain after the surgery for a few days. This happens because of the weakening of the surrounding muscles. However, the pain will subside day by day and the patient start feeling normal in a few weeks.

Dania Medical Services make arrangements for all types of Hip Surgery including total hip replacement (replacement of both of the acetabulum & femoral head) and hemiarthroplasty (in which only femoral head is replaced). Renowned surgeons, with whom we have long-term association, perform hip replacement surgery with prosthetic implant of three parts like femoral component, acetabular cup and articular interface.

Patients across the world who are suffering from problems such as osteoarthritis caused joint failure, hip fractures, rheumatoid arthritis, protrusion acetabuli, avascular necrosis, traumatic arthritis and benign & malignant bone tumors, contact us for Hip Surgery in India. The facilitator is associated with leading hospitals in metro cities in India where the surgery could be performed with total precision and assurance of substantial cure of the hip joint problem.