Heart Surgery

Common Type of Heart Surgery

The most common type of heart is coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG). The surgery is done to improve blood flow to the heart. Doctors performing the surgery use CABG to treat people who experience severe coronary heart disease (CHD).

Bypass Surgery

Heart bypass surgery, or coronary artery bypass surgery, is a surgical procedure to replace damaged arteries in a patient's heart muscle. A surgeon uses blood vessels drawn from another part of a patient's body with the objective of repairing the damaged arteries. The surgery is performed when coronary arteries are blocked or damaged with age or other causes. Open heart surgery cost and survival rate is very positive.

Triple Heart Bypass Surgery

Triple Heart Bypass Surgery is a complex heart surgery which is done in a serious cardio problem. Surgeons perform this surgery on a patient when the blood vessels feeding the heart are too clogged that hampers its normal functions. Commonly, this type of surgery is performed as an open heart surgical procedure. In open heart procedure, the chest is cut open to have a clear sight of the heart and perform the surgery. Moreover, the surgical process can be performed as minimally invasive procedure in which the chest is not cut open; however, this type of procedure is less prevalent than the open heart surgical process.

Quintuple Bypass Surgery

Complex heart problems require complex surgeries. Quintuple Bypass Surgery is a complicated surgical procedure for opening severely blocked arteries feeding the heart. It is a complex procedure performed with superlative care and attention. Before performing the surgery, the patients are checked thoroughly to ensure that their other vital organs are performing normally. Surgeons performing this quintuple bypass surgery assess the health condition of the patient and conduct vital tests prior to going ahead with the surgery. India is the safe and affordable place for medical tourism services.