Gastric Surgery

Patients across the world look for doctors in India for Gastric Surgery, which is done to treat morbid obesity, sleep apnea, hypertension, type 2 diabetes and several other comorbid problems.

We are dedicatedly helping such patients by finding out best doctors and intensive care hospitals for such surgeries. In gastric surgical process, stomach is segmented into a larger lower remnant pouch & small upper pouch then the arrangements for connecting small intestine to both is made. This procedure is done by expert gastric surgeons with the aim to reduce functional volume of stomach and also its physical & psychological responsibility to food.

A large number of people across the world are going for this surgery due to its result in weight loss and reducing comorbidities. Gastric treatment can be performed via two techniques open bypass surgery and laproscopy. Out of which, laproscopy is one of the most advanced surgical technique for gastric surgery, in it surgical telescope linked to a video camera, small incisions, or ports and varied operating instruments are installed, a surgeon carry out the entire procedure by viewing on a video screen.

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