Doctor Details

DR. Prateek Varshney

Consultant,Surgical Oncology
Brief Profile
  • Experience in Head and Neck and Urogenital Oncology with Extensive exper ien«e of 10 years and he has operated more than SOCO plus successful cases. He has developed cosmetic incision without splitting ol angle of mouth for surgery of Oral Cancers and is well versed and extensively trained in all types of surgeries fur cancers uf Head & neck alung with Urugenilal Oncology.
  • His special area of interest is in thyroid disease with f‹›cus can Thyroid cancer. He takes immense pleasure in spreading awareness for Oral cancer and in preventive oncology
  • He has extensive experience in surgeries for Gyne Oncology which includes cancer of cervix, ovary and endometrium along with cytoreductive surgeries for cancer of ovary and endometrium.
  • He is well versed in surgeries for Male Urogenital Cancer Speciality Cancer of Urinary Bladder and Male External Genitalia

  • Cancer of Oral Cavity & Oropharynx
  • Cancers of Maxilla
  • Cancer of laryngopharynx
  • Thyroid Cancers and Diseases
  • Tumors of Parotid gland
  • Oncoplasty
  • Cancer of Cervix, Ovary, Endometrium and female External Genitalia
  • Cancer of Urinary Bbdder and Male External Genitalia

  • Senior Residency Surgery - MCD Hospital
  • Senior Residency Surgical Oncology - Dharamsheela Hospital & Cancer Research Institute
  • Senior Hesidency Surgical Oncology - Sir Gangaraam Hospital
  • Consultant — Surgical Oncology — Metro Hospital & Cancer Institute, Delhi, Since 20\ 6