Cardiology Treatments

Cardiac Sciences deals with cardiac functions and the treatment of cardiac diseases. The department helps carry out crucial diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for patients with known or suspected heart disease, ranging from babies to the elderly. This includes noninvasive and invasive evaluation of cardiac problems. A normal heart has two basic functions, electric conduction, dealt by Electrophysiology and blood supply related dealt by Interventional Cardiology.


Following medical procedures are involved in Cardio problems in human beings.

1. Coronary Angiography and Angioplasty

Coronary Angiography is a test for showing inner walls of the coronary arteries. The test uses a specific dye and special x-rays in combination. The dye makes the coronary arteries visible on the x-ray picture and assists the best cardiologists observe the blockages in the arteries. Whereas Coronary Angioplasty is a medical procedure employed to clear narrow or blocked arteries for ensuring proper blood flow to the heart muscle.

2. Pacemaker Implantation

Pacemaker Implantation is a surgical procedure to implant a small metal box weighting 20-50g into the chest for regulating proper heart beating. The pacemaker is attached to one or more than one wires, called pacing leads, which run to the heart. After implantation the heart beats to its normal pace. best heart surgeon in India helps to patient for this treatment and people like to visit Delhi, India for medical tourism from UEA, Iraq, United state of America, South Africa, United kingdom, middle east, Saudi arbia etc.

3. Balloon Mitral Valvuloplasty (BMV)

Balloon Mitral Valvuloplasty is a cardio surgical procedure for mitral stenosis (MS) when valve morphology is viable and can be used in patients with unicommissural calcification.

4. Electrophysiology Study and RF Ablation

'Electrophysiology' is a specialist cardiology procedure for diagnosing and treating heart arrhythmias or problems concerning the heart's electrical system and radio frequency ablation (RFA), which is a treatment using heat to annihilate cancer cells.

5. Interventional Paediatric Cardiology

Interventional Paediatric cardiology principally includes occlusion of abnormal communications and dilatation of stenotic vessels or valves. This procedure can be executed on children with cardio problems. The diagnosis is carried out doing a 2D echo and if the treatment can be performed percutaneously, family is advised pertaining to the pros and cons of the procedure. In India’s all states like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, having top hospital for successful treatment of paediatric cardiology.

6. Heart Failure Treatment

Unequivocally heart failure is a grave condition that increasingly gets worse with the passage of time but in some circumstances the condition can be reversed with proper medical treatment. Even when the heart muscle is impaired, there are several treatments that can counter the symptoms and slow or stop the progressive worsening of the condition. The aim of cardio therapy is to relieve symptoms and improve quality of life, reduce the pace of disease progression, reduce the need for urgent medical attention and hospitalization, and help people enjoy a healthier and longer life.

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