Germ Cell Tumors treatment, Cure, Symptoms

Germ Cell Tumors is not something rare a medical condition and may happen with anyone, hence learning about it helps in adopting precautionary measures as well as treating the condition if found in the mature stage. Germ cell cancer survival rate is certainly not bad provided the malignancy is diagnosed in an early stage right before affecting the larger part of the body.

Types of Different Germ Cell Tumors

Ovarian germ cell tumor: When an individual is diagnosed of germ cell tumor ovary it implies the development of malignant (cancer) cells in the ovarian cells. This tumor develops in the reproductive cells and teenage girls, as well as full grown matured women, may fall victim to it. Among the symptoms, the abdomen area will swell abnormally also there would be consistent vaginal bleeding even after menopause. In order to detect the tumors in the ovary, varying medical tests are conducted such as examining the pelvic area, ovaries, blood and ovarian tissues, certainly, single diagnosis is not recommended for final conclusion.

Germ Cell Tumor In chest:Germ cell tumor takes place in eggs and sperm cells but sometimes such tumor is seen developing in different organs, for instance, the mid area( stomach), brain, mediastinum. In the mediastinum germ cell tumor may develop, the area is situated between the lungs involving the organs like heart, oesophagus, chief blood vessels, main trachea, and surrounding lymph nodes. However, germ cell tumor mediastinum is rare but mediastinum is comparatively commonest of places where extragonadal tumor develops. However the proper reason is still not found why such tumour in chest area occurs. It is believed that when cancer starts in early age the malignant cells spread across in varying parts of the body.

Testicular Germ Cell Tumor:Located along and close to the penis, testicles are surrounded by loose skin known as a scrotum. Testicles are known to contain varying important cells especially germ cells which are involved in generating sperm and testosterone. However, germ cell tumor testis is rare but it may affect between 15 to 35 years of age. Seminoma and nonseminoma are two types of Testicular Germ Cell Tumor.

Germ cell Brain Tumors:Certainly Germ Cell Tumor Brain is not very frequent and they are seen to be affecting children much. Such condition is rare in girls but found boys to be the worst possible victims and that is too within the age group 11 and 30. Based on the location of the tumors, few symptoms are seen occurring, they may look common but when they occur in host, it becomes terrible a situation. Such germ cell tumor symptoms are comprised of increased fluid in the brain (hydrocephalus), Headache, Vomiting, Fatigue, Feeling irritable, Double vision, Trouble looking up or focusing on close objects and Coordination and balance issues.

Survival Chances in Germ Cell Tumor

When germ cell cancer in adults , as well as children, is diagnosed after proper and timely analysis survival chances increase for sure. Based on the analysis, few facts are determined such as whether the tumor is seminoma or nonseminoma, the dimension of the tumor, blood levels of β-hCG, AFP, and LDH. How the tumor is responding to the initial treatment should be considered as well. Among the treatment options, surgery, Chemotherapy is most common, however, dealing with medical tourism service for germ cell tumor brain in Delhi, India proves effective as a number of other treatment options are provided as well.