Affordable Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinsons Disease Patients

Deep Brain stimulation parkinson's success rate for surgery is very high

While having Parkinson's disease (PD), few surgical therapies can be considered, particularly if the warning signs can be controlled using the medication. Today there is no dearth of medicine as the market is flooding with number of alternatives, varying surgical options are there that offer symptomatic benefits. All these drugs cant change the underlying reasons of the disease. Now the traditional surgeries such as thalamotomy and pallidotomy involve the systematic annihilation of brain cells, which contributes worse impending issues. Although these procedures are performed in specific situations, they are majorly replaced by deep brain stimulation (DBS) which renders electrical pulsations to all brain cells in order to reduce the symptoms. Certainly, with the improvement of medical science deep brain stimulation parkinson's success rate has gone high.

Essentiality of DBS

Now while having the surgery, your only concern should not be the dbs surgery recovery time but knowing the procedure is also important. Wondering how does deep brain stimulation work well here is a detailed description.

  • Deep brain stimulation is one renowned surgical procedure, which is used for curing a range of immobilizing neurological symptoms, Parkinson’s disease comes with number of debilitating symptoms for example there are rigidity, quivering, delayed movement, walking issues and many more. This procedure is used for treating the important tremor, which is one common neurological movement disorder. DBS hardly injures or hurts the brain tissues by tearing down the nerve cells. Rather this procedure hinders the electrical signals to the targeted areas in brain.
  • Presently the process is used only for those patients who are boldly showing symptoms which cannot be controlled adequately with medications. Deep brain stimulation procedure makes use of surgically rooted, battery run medical device known to be neurostimulator and it works similar to the heart pacemaker. This device is not big but has the size of a wristwatch. This device offers electrical stimulus to the targeted areas of the brain which controls the movement, by blocking the abnormal nerve signals which causes PD symptoms and tremor.
  • Some surgeons are seen to use microelectrode recording, which is nothing but a small wire that monitors the movement of nerve cells in the affected area to more exclusively identify the exact brain target which will be stimulated. Usually the targeted areas are subthalamic, thalamus and a part of globus pallidus.
  • The moment the system is restored in this place, electrical impulses are delivered from the neurostimulator along with the extension wire which leads to the brain. These impulses are seen interfering with the electrical signals thus blocking them, which causes the PD symptoms.

Three Components Of Deep brain stimulation

  • The lead which is known as electrode- comparatively a thin, padded wire which is included through a petite notch in the head and entrenched in the brain. The open ending of the electrode is placed inside the affected brain area.
  • The extension which is a padded wire that is moved beneath the skin of the neck, brain, and shoulder, associating the neurostimulator lead.
  • The neurostimulator, which is the battery pack, is usually inserted under the skin close to the collarbone. In few cases, it could be implanted beneath in the chest or under the skin right above the abdomen.
  • There are no such deep brain stimulation side effects which you need to be scared of. Deep brain stimulation risks are certainly limited and not hard on organs.

How To Know I Need DBS

  • When you are having PD symptoms for minimum of 5 years you are in need of DBS.
  • When you are having on/off fluctuations without having dyskinesia.
  • When you are benefitted with PD medications, particularly levodopa, even for shortest possible time span.
  • The moment you have opted for other PD medications for example tolcapone, entacapone, amantadine and selegiline without having advantageous effects, you can go for DBS.
  • When you are having PD warning signs without having interference with regular activities, DBS is here to help.

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