Bariatric Surgery

Depending on individual cases different types of bariatric surgical procedures are done to get rid of the extra pounds in the body. The different surgeries performed are gastric bypass, adjustable gastric band, and sleeve gastrectomy. now India’s is adapting advanced healthcare technology for safe and successful bariatric treatment in Delhi, top hospitals and surgeons provide you world class facilities here.

Gastric Bypass

Gastric Bypass is known as the "gold standard' of weight loss surgery. The procedure is performed in two parts. First, a small stomach pouch is created by separating the top portion of the stomach from the rest of the stomach. Second, the top portion of the small intestine is split and the bottom portion of the split intestine is lifted up and connected with the newly created pouch of small stomach. The surgery is accomplished by joining the top portion of the split small intestine to the small intestine downwards in order to ensure eventual mixing of digestive enzymes and stomach acids from the bypassed stomach and first part of small intestine.

Similar to most bariatric surgeries, gastric bypass create small stomach pouch which facilitate controlled amount of food that, in turn, ensure less calories consumption.

Sleeve Gastrectomy

Sleeve Gastrectomy is also known Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy or sometimes, only sleeve in medical parlance. It is a surgical procedure that helps remove approximately 80 per cent of the stomach. The remaining stomach is turned into a tubular pouch resembling a banana. The new stomach created through the procedure holds significantly smaller amount of food than the normal stomach that ultimately result in less absorption of calories in the body. A more significant impact of the procedure is on gut hormones that alters the usual hunger pattern and impacts satiety and blood sugar levels.

Adjustable Gastric Band

The Adjustable Gastric Band is often termed as band in medical parlance. The surgical procedure includes an inflatable band that is inserted around stomach's upper portion. In this process small pouch of stomach is created above the stomach and the rest of the stomach is adjusted below the band. This procedure includes the creation of small stomach with low intake volume. The impact of the creation of smaller stomach pouch is that the hunger will be satiated with only a small amount of food and subsequently, facilitate the feeling of fullness and alleviate the hunch of further food intake.

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